Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother’s Day: A Day Of Celebration For Moms

Written by: Mylene Dela Cena
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Mommies, Mother’s Day is here! That one particular day when we all feel loved and cared for by our kids, our husband, and by the people around us who see how dedicated we are on fulfilling this one-of-a-kind career—becoming a mother.

Mother’s Day is a day of celebration in honor of all the mothers out there who take care of their children as they grow up. This is how we give credit on everything mothers do for the sake of their children. Unselfishly giving all of her for the sole benefit of her offspring. A true labor of love indeed.

Thanks to Anna Jarvis, the person who started the first Mother’s Day celebration in honor of her mom in 1908. From that day she started a campaign to increase awareness on why and how we should give back the love and care our mothers wholeheartedly gave for us. She then set the official day of celebration for mothers every second Sunday of May. It spread like wildfire influencing all other countries thus making that particular day as a part of every culture’s tradition even today.

Can you imagine a home without a mother in it? She is the main source why our home becomes a sweet and comfortable place to live in. Fulfilling the best of her motherhood all through her life, a day of celebration is not enough but it could be if we all make it a memorable one.

Without doubt, Mother’s Day had made a huge impact on different cultures from all around the world. And it focuses more on leading people to get their feet up and do something great for their mothers.

The main goal is to make that one important person in our lives feel what they ought to feel all the time and that is to be happy. So let us all act now, let us make our mothers happy in any ways you could think of. Remember, it is always the thought that counts!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Party Etiquette 101: When Your Child Is Attending a Children’s Party


By: Mylene Dela Cen

If you have more than one kid and all of them are already attending school and have several playmates in the neighborhood, then expect to receive a couple of birthday invitations within the year. Birthday celebrations for kids are one of the highlights of their growing up years. While it can be overwhelming for a child and his/her parents to be invited on a children’s party, there are some important etiquette that needs to be followed if you are the attendee and they are as follows:


Amount of your gift- when we talk about gift giving, we often hear “It’s not the thing but the thought that counts”. It’s okay to be frugal once in a while especially if you are on a tight budget. As the parent of the attendee, it is important to let your child know your allotted budget for gift giving. Most of the time, hand-made gifts are much appreciated by the birthday celebrant because of what we call “labor of love”.

Who should choose the gift the parents or the invited child/children?- it will be easy to look for a gift if you’ll know what the celebrant’s interests are. In this case, your child might have the brightest idea of what to give to his/her friend or classmate. Be open to your child’s opinion. However, if your kid is still young or has an attitude of seeing all things as his/her own, better buy a gift on your own, and have it wrapped before you hand it to your child. This will spare you from having a hard time over your child and his/her gift.

Siblings’ tagging along to the party- this happens to parents having more than one child. While it is expected that the parent or a nanny may be staying during the party to look over small children, it is important to give the host a head’s up if you intend to bring one or two more children. In this way, the host can arrange additional seating and even additional meal for the other children. You just need to be careful in asking if it’s okay (they may even say “Why don’t you bring the whole family?!) But do not be hurt if the host says no (perhaps it would constrain their budget or the party is for girls or boys only, something like that).

Do you still need to give a gift even if your child can’t make it to the party?- the answer is NO. Unlike in weddings where you are somewhat obliged to give gift even if you can be at the wedding, it’s pretty different to children’s party. You can opt to give a gift even if your child can’t be at the party if the celebrant is a close friend or someone who gave gift to your child in the past.

Children’s parties are not all about cakes, balloons, and candies. Proper etiquette are also important to ensure harmonious celebrations between the host and the guests.

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Fun and Violence: Where to Draw the Line?

By: Mylene Dela Cena


Parties! Obviously kids would have loved to attend every single invitation they will get. At young age, they sure know what to expect in a party: food, parlor games, loot bags and a whole lot of fun. However, the decision on whether to attend or not is still up to the parents. In the aftermath of Sandy Hook shooting, parents have become more vigilant when it comes to crime and violence especially when it could directly affect their children. Most parents forbid violent toys, games or shows around their home in order to secure their children from getting hurt and/or hurting others.


While saying no to violence is a must around their homes, there are some scenarios when parents cannot take full charge. Birthday parties often come with different themes for boys and girls. If you have girls, it would have been cute to see them enjoying in a Barbie, Princess or Fairy theme birthday parties. It can be safe for them to get through the event with only sweet and simple activities that most girls would surely love. However, it comes different with boys.


Knowing how boisterous and rowdy they are, they would surely love birthday themes that require more action perhaps a super hero in action or pirate theme. Often times, some parents forbid their children from attending parties with themes that have a hint of violence like sword fighting, gun firing, and the like. This could fire up an argument between the boys and their parents.


However, children parties are made to entertain kids and for them to have fun so why deprived them from having that experience? Perhaps attending one or two birthday parties with pirate themes would not turn your sweet son into an aggressive and vicious child.


If you are confident about the values you teach to your children, then you have nothing to worry when they spend a day with their friends and have fun during the party. That value will remain all his life and that party will just be a part of his growing up year as a child.







Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Party Etiquette 101: When Hosting a Children’s Party

Party Etiquette 101: When Hosting a Children’s Party

Written by: Mylene Dela Cena
Photographed by:
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Moms and Dads may not be professional party planners but through hits and misses, organizing their kids’ party may still come in handy. While it takes a lot of courage and creativity to come up with a successful celebration it is also important to know that some protocols need to be followed. During children’s party, remember that it is not just all about the celebrant. Guests should also be taken care of and make sure they don’t feel left behind or out of place.

Now, here is a list of some do’s and don’ts when hosting a children’s party:

·         Kids ages 3 and up are most likely students in nursery or kindergarten. Obviously, your child would have wanted to invite all his/her classmates. That is okay if you know you can accommodate all of them but what if you have a limited budget. Don’t panic, you as the host are not obliged to invite the whole class. You can talk to your child about choosing who gets invited or not. However, if you plan to invite the whole class, make sure you invite all and do not leave a child or two. That would be unethical.


·         Nowadays, Internet plays a major role in our lives especially when it comes to socializing. While sending electronic invites may be convenient and practical, it lacks the personal touch. It would be better if you let your child hand out his/her invites personally. The effort itself will surely be appreciated by your guests. Save the e-mail handling when reminding your guests about the party.


·         Reminding RSVP’s need to be smooth and tactful. If you already included a phone number or two but still hear nothing from your guests, then perhaps making calls to your unresponsive visitor is just appropriate. Remember not to sound pushy but instead make it sound like a friendly reminder. A week before the party, make calls and let them know that you are having a head count of who are going and who are not.


·         As the celebrant, your child may get excited to open his/her gifts even before your guests leave. This may seem a little awkward especially if the other kids would have wanted to take a look or play with the gifts received by your child. So, to skip any tantrum fire up, talk to your child about when is the best time to open his/her gifts.


·         Kids love it when they go home from a party with loot bags on their hands. However, if you are on a limited budget or simply discourage candies and other sweet treats, do-it-yourself give away are much better.


Hosting a well-mannered party will always leave a smile not just on the celebrant’s lips but also on the invited guests.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How do I get boys to have fun at a Princess party?

When organising a princess party parents are often worried about boys who will be attending. The concern is that boys will be absolutely bored from all the girl things such as: dress up, nail polish, make up and dancing.

Therefore a question we hear  daily is: Will boys have fun at my daughter's princess party?

Our answer is: Definitely!

Gallery Image
We will share with you just how we do it.

Boys like to feel important and if they are given a role at a party such as a prince or a knight they will do their best to full fill their duties. The best way to involve boys into a princess party is to include boy activities such as sword fight as an example (with soft sword to keep it safe) or other games that involve jumping and running. That way boys are saving the world while girls get to dance and cheer for them, making everyone happy.

At Fairyland Theatre ALL our parties are targeted towards boys and girls so no one would feel out of place. Our goal at each party is to make sure that everyone is having a great time, even the child who is sitting with their mom or dad. Our highly skilled entertainers are trained to adjust games and activities according to each group of kids. At Fairyland Theatre we work with you to create a party for YOU!

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Have you decided how to celebrate this winter's holidays?

There is so much to do during the holiday season....forget it, that is not what holidays are about!

Holidays are about relaxing and enjoying time with your friends and family :)

Here are some FUN things you can do this Holiday Season!

Decorate your refrigerator with your kids to add the some holiday spirit


Make a Christmas Tree Fruit Salad...Yummy!

                                      and Santa Clause Straberries 


 AND of course come to Fairyland Theatre Christmas Party!

What can be more fun than that :)

 December 8th at 11:00am at 1183A Finch Ave W unit 2